A Schedule of Dilapidations details the works a tenant is required to make at the termination of their lease.

The field of Dilapidations is specialist and complex, and claims are best handled by experts such as us, who have a sound knowledge of leases and the surrounding legislation.

A Schedule of Dilapidations is primarily used to identify and record breaches of lease covenants concerning the condition of a property. These particularly relate to the reinstatement works that a tenant is required to make to a property, according to the lease covenants, prior to the end of their lease. It identifies remedial works such as items for repair, redecoration and any alterations that a tenant is obligated to make to a property according to the lease covenants.

If a landlord has suffered a loss due to the tenants’ breach of the agreed responsibilities set out in a lease, they must be compensated. A Schedule of Dilapidations could form the basis of legal proceedings if neither party is able to reach a negotiated settlement.